What is better than grabbing a cool drink from a poolside vending machine? The answer: pair of signature style boardshorts.

Vending machines containing limited edition Quiksilver boardshorts and bikinis can be found at The Standard Hotels in Hollywood, Los Angeles, New York, and Miami. Each pair of boardshorts is specifically designed with each location in mind and this past Saturday Quiksilver and The Standard Downtown LA launched their innovative collaboration. When two companies of immense creative stature partner for a party- the result is nothing less than stunning. With live rooftop performances, twister, screen-printing, art gallery, and poolside lounging, everyone was having a good time. The swimwear was the center of attention though and did not disappoint. The specially designed Quiksilver boardshorts impressed all whether it was the black on black “New York” style, the glitzy star studded “Hollywood” style, or the yellow piped “Miami” inspired shorts. The Los Angeles design features red and white polka dots over a black background  reflected the theme of the evening and The Standard LA.

If you can’t make it to a vending machine near you they are also available online here.

  1. Nick R Said,

    That looks like an awesome party! I want some of those shorts!

  2. Kelli Garner Said,

    Great site, how do I subscribe?